Recently, While searching on Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage (CUMA) and Cisco Unified Mobilitiy Client (CUMC) for my Apple iPhone, I came across a pretty comprehensive and detailed guide which covers setting up CUMA Server and integrating it during Post-install to many associated application servers e.g Microsoft Active Directory , Exchange Server , CUPS , CUCM , Cisco Unity Connection etc.Thought it might be useful to many of Blog readers as i have been asked few times for CUMA Video tutorials.

Cisco Unified Presence Server

Take a look here:

Credit  to mohammed fadhu (Scribd Uploader)

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One Response to “Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage (CUMA) 7 Demystified”

  1. toko says:

    hello, nice blog and thanks for your tutorials.
    i have several question about CUMA.

    1. When client starts softphone, it`ll make SSL crypted connection to proxy server, ASA in most cases, and client doesn`t know anything about local subnets, yes?

    2. another thing that makes me puzzled, User doesnt get any local DN, call manager will assign local DN to User global Number
    and similarly when call is sent to client, call manager will set Caller-id to callers DN?

    if you gave any contact information, i`ll be glad.

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