This post will address process to install Latest Patches to your Cisco Secure ACS 5.X installation. Refer to ACS Release notes for information on new patches & bugs/issues fixed in current release.Before beginning, It is highly recommended that you you backup the Cisco Secure ACS 5.x configuration data in timely fashion in order to restore the same backup if ACS 5.x crashes, or, if you need to build a new system from scratch.

You can get latest patches from the download link (CCO login Required) on

Network Management > Security > Identity Management > Cisco Secure Access Control System > Cisco Secure Access Control System 5.3.

Before applying cummulative patch on the ACS 5.x ,you will need to create a repository that will specify the protocol and the location where the patch file is located. Generally, in ACS5.3, you might run into issues with TFTP protocol. So,its recommended to use FTP instead for all backup & patch updates.

Create a Repository

Now, lets first create a Repository using FTP as the communication protocol.

Navigate to System Administration > Operations > Software Repositories to create the specified Repository.








Apply the Cummulative Patch

Once you have created the repository, ensure you have connectivity to your FTP server & that your user credentials are correct. After this, apply the patch as shown below :

acs patch install 5-3-0-40-5.tar.gpg repository FTPREPO

Here’s the process :



Now, verify that the patch was updated successfully as show below


For more information about ACS5.X setup including backups , software repositories & patches, refer to Cisco Secure ACS 5.X Deployment Guide.


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