CCIE Voice Core Knowledge Quizzer is now available in Apple App Store.As you already know, Cisco has already incorporated Core Knowledge Quizzer into almost all CCIE Tracks. I have written CCIE Voice Core Knowledge Quizzer to help prepare candidates for the newly added “open ended” quizzer section of the CCIE Voice Lab Exam. It has been formulated to test your current knowledge and provides a vast variety of Open Ended Questions (OEQs) to help and understand key concepts of Cisco VOIP networks.

I will be adding more OEQs to the Quizzer with the time.Its based on my own study with CCIE Voice and through it, i hope others will also benefit and learn.Its compatible with Apple iPod Touch , iPhone as well as iPad.I will be releasing a separate version for  iPad when it hits the stands. If you have any suggestions or want to provide feedback, you can do so using contact me page.

Also,I have grouped OEQs into sets . Each set contains exactly 4 OEQs (simulating lab exam pattern).I will be adding more OEQs with the time.

Here are the App Store Links (Web Based):-


CCIE Voice Core Knowledge Quizzer Lite

CCIE Voice Core Knowledge Quizzer

UPDATE : Cisco no longer tests OEQ section for CCIE Voice Exam.It was officially removed from the LAB exam testing. However, if you want to learn something new or if you are sitting for CCIE Voice (written) , this app will still be useful for you.

Happy Studying !!!

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5 Responses to “CCIE Voice Core Knowledge Quizzer Now Available in AppStore”

  1. Rahul says:

    Thank you Tariq.Looks nice. I also want to develop an app but don’t have required expertise.Can you help me please ?

  2. Tariq Ahmad says:

    Rahul,it depends.Send me an email with details(your idea) using contact me page and i will let u know.


  3. Azhar says:

    Thanks for share.Do you have a similar app available for windows xp/vista ?

  4. Jon H says:

    Hi, just trying to figure out the difference between the free and at a cost versions.

  5. John says:

    Didn’t they take out the core knowledge questions from the Voice and R&S Track ?

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