Skype for SIP Service (or SkypeConnect) is a service which allows you to use your SIP Based PBX (e.g CUCME / CUCM) & integrate it into Skype Service. By Using Online Number & Business User feature , you can receive calls not only from traditonal PSTN e.g landlines/cellphones but also from millions of Skype contacts/users all over the world.Skype Connect provides connectivity between your business and the Skype community. Refer to a previous blog post for more information.You can register for SkypeConnect service . If you want to register for another SIP Voip Service provider & test interoperability with SkypeConnect Service, here’s the link

This tutorial is detailed in nature & covers mainly following aspects:

Setting up Calling Channels, CallerID , Online Number , Business account , SIP Profile under SkypeConnect using Skype Manager

  • Configuring CUCME for IP Phone Registration
  • Configuring CUCME using SIP Register for integration to SkypeConnect
  • Testing Outgoing Calls using Skype Test numbers & E164 Format International Numbers
  • Testing Incoming Calls using Online Number Feature from PSTN/Cellular network & as well as from Skype Users
  • Detailed Verification and troubleshooting for 3 all Call Legs
  • Routing Calls to Auto Attendant/ Pilot Numbers using voice translation profiles.

Download link contains configuration file, detailed PDF with step by step walk through & video tutorials on setting up SIP trunk to VOIP Service Provider detailed here (all 4 Parts included)

Additional Tutorials included in download link :

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