Frequently Asked Questions :-

>> What is BrainBump.Net all about ?

BrainBump.Net is all about learning technology with emphasis on voip & security related topics through short but concise video tutorials . The concept is to shake and delve deep into your mind/brain to find unique solutions for technological problems.Sometimes , there are multiple answers to a single puzzle and through this site , i have tried to help others understand and implement various technologies.

>> I can watch most tutorials online freely. Why can’t i download them freely ?

These tutorials are hosted online and require hosting plan and bandwidth for users to view/play them online.Due to sheer size of video tutorials, more bandwidth is needed. Advertising helps cut cost when tutorials are watched online. If you would like to view them offline, consider paying for them. This will not only support site’s maintenance but also encourage me to produce more quality tutorials .

>> When i try to download tutorials , it takes me to . Do i have to pay for them ?

As already stated, this site is supported with advertising.I have provided most tutorials free for watching online. For others, download is available at a very reasonable price.

>> Can i submit request for any specific video tutorial(s) ?

Yes, feel free to submit your request here (ContactMe Page).

>> Terms of Service

>> How can i support BrainBump.Net ?

I would like to mention that it takes lot of time and effort to create video tutorials and most of them are available online for free.You can support this site in a number of ways:

  • Purchase tutorials :-

If you find an online tutorial useful , do consider to buy it .This will not  only help cut hosting costs but also keep me motivated to produce tutorials more frequently.

  • Buy me a Cup of Coffee :-

You can support this site and express your gratitude by Buying me a Cup of Coffee.

  • Visit Sponsors :-

As the site grows, hosting is starting to cost a fair bit of money. Advertisements help site to cover site costs. There are several matching advertisements that might interest you . If you find them useful , follow the link and visit the site.

  • Spread the word :-

Lets your friends/colleagues know about the site.

  • Advertising :-

If you are interested in advertising on this site, send me an email here.

>> Terms of Service

By accessing this website (including all material contained therein), you declare that:

  • You’re using this website solely for personal, noncommercial purposes;
  • You will not copy or distribute any part of this website without Administrator’s prior written authorization;
  • You will fully comply with these terms and conditions of service.

>> Disclaimer

The video/pdf products provided on are designed to provide technical information and assist candidates in the preparation for CISCO Systems’ CCNA / CCNP / CCIE level exams for RS/Security/Wireless series. The information may also assist any networking engineer in his or her day-to-day duties. While every effort has been
made to ensure that products on BrainBump.Net are complete and as accurate as possible, the enclosed information is provided on an ‘as is’basis. The author shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damages arising from the information contained in this book. The opinions expressed in products listed  belong to the author and are not necessarily those of Cisco Systems, Inc. This book is NOT sponsored by, endorsed by or affiliated with Cisco Systems, Inc. Refunds will not be considered once the purchase is complete. The Product might be personalized using watermarks. The right is reserved to refuse the sale of the Product to any individual linked to, listed as a member of, or associated with dump, group-buys and/or illegal sharing sites!

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