Since Cisco has announced upcoming changes to CCIE Voice Lab Exam and Lab Exam Blueprint 3.0 has been published, Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0 has become focus of attention for many.

CUCM 7.x is not much different from 5.x and 6.x versions and can be installed natively in VMWare for lab purposes.Cisco has done a great deal in making CUCM 7.x installation totally hassle free.Its a no-brainer installation compared to Windows version of Call Manager e.g CCM 4.x versions.

One of great things with CUCM 7.x is that it comes with demo license of 150 DLU’s (Device Link Units) and 3 Node License Unit. This will really help CCIE voice candidates to brush up their skills with this new version.

Cisco Unified Presence Server

This tutorial will cover post-installation steps to get CUCM 7.x up and running ! Furthermore, i will walk you through the process of registering Cisco IP devices to your CUCM 7.x. For registering 3rd party SIP phones e.g X-lite to CUCM 7.x , same steps are required as i showed in a previous tutorial.


Enjoy !

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43 Responses to “Getting Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.x/8.x Up and Running using VMware!”

  1. JKerry says:

    Great Tutorial ! Thanks !

  2. JKerry says:

    I had previously tried to install CUCM 7.x in vmware but it didn’t go through. Can you help ?

  3. AK says:

    bravo! You rock!

  4. Pete says:

    thank you

  5. Ali says:

    Gr8 tutorial.

  6. Ali says:

    Gr8 tutorial. Can you please have another tutorial on Unity as well.

    Thanks alot.

  7. gopi says:

    In which os is used to install cucm i dont know pls tell me…

  8. elac says:

    Great tutorial
    I tried the same 150 DLU demo version on my vmware (Quad core + 4GB RAM). Installation ended successfully, but ccm works intermittently. Esp. I can access service activation page. (error said: connection to the server cannot be established.)
    Any special thing I need pay attention to during installation?

  9. admin says:

    You are all welcome !

    Kerry,Can you give me what specific error you got?Currently,there is a known issue that CUCM 7.x won’t install on AMD machines running Vmware.Cisco is keen to solve this out in next release.

  10. admin says:


    I would assume that your connectivity to CUCM server is OK.It takes some time for CUCM to load all services when started.Typically around 5 minutes.You can verify that your CCM apache web server is up by telnetting to CCM ip address using port 80.

    *telnet x.x.x.x 80*

    If it goes through,browse using IE/firefox to CCMadmin page you shouldn’t get connection error message again.

    Hope this helps!

  11. raj says:

    gr8 tutorial.thanks

  12. Ali says:

    Very nice tutorial.i wil begin my ccie voice shortly for latest version.your blog has always been a blessing for me.thankyou sir.

  13. elac says:

    Thank you for your reply.
    I tried several times with different settings but still didn’t get any success.

    I changed the MTU to 1452, Disk type to IDE from default SCSI etc.

    My main problem was I couldn’t access serviceability page to activate services.
    I was able to telnet x.x.x.x 80 until I tried to access the serviceability control page.

    I’m using VMware workstation 6.5 and assigned 1.5G RAM and 48G HD to CCM701. Totally no idea of what went wrong.

    My guess would be
    1. the iso I downloaded is corrupted
    2. not enough HD space and FS was not assigned correctly (although we don’t have any control on how installation program assign FS to CCM.
    Will all the 48GB I set aside will give to CCM only?)
    3. License issue (However, I did check that it comes with 150 units and 3 nodes licenses)

    Any thoughts or suggestion are really appreciated.


  14. elac says:

    forgot to mention that

    the telnet x.x.x.x 80 lost its connection when I tried to access serviceability page to activate services, while ping x.x.x.x still get replies. That means the eth0 was still operational, but the web services might not.

  15. admin says:

    Elac,Here are my recommendations for you:

    1) You must set disk space to 80GB (75GB at minimum)
    2) Keep DiskType,MTU,all settings to default(this works without a glitch)
    3) Make sure your Web Services are running when you access Serviceability page.Either Console or SSH into your CUCM box and use cli command-base utilities to verify Services are up and running.If not,restart and try if that works.

    These commands and many similar should help:

    >> utils service …
    >> utils system …
    >> utils network …

    If particular service (web service) is not working ,restart and see if it works now:

    >> utils service restart service-name

    You may reboot your server after making changes

    >> utils system restart

    These are just few i remember at top of my head.You can dig deep into CLI and troubleshoot the problem.

    Let me know if that works for you.Thanks

  16. Mike says:

    What version of UCM are you installing with and onto what version of VMWare? I have a Cisco Media kit for and I have been unable to get it to complete the install onto a VMWare ESX 3.5. The VM has 80GB HDD, 4GB RAM. I have tried the install several time and I I get the same failure message during the database install. The message is not specific it just says that the alotted time has passed and then it allocates 2+ hours more and then fails. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks in Advance for the help

  17. Hi says:

    Has anyone had any success adding a second node to the first node in vmware? I have verified all IP connectivity and have added the second node server details under ccmadmin->system-> servers in the admin page.

    The installation stops when the second node cannot sync with the NTP server on the first node.

  18. v0ha says:

    Which OS did you select during creation of WM (Linux server 4 (x32) ?) and how many CPU?

  19. Hi says:

    You are doing very well. Keep on going. Good Luck.

  20. elac says:

    not much luck so far. Which options did u choose? Single call manager or CM with Unity connection?

  21. tity says:

    I have a problem which can’t success adding a second node that same “Hi” error.
    The first node synchronized with NTP server but same error (second node cannot sync with the NTP server on the first node)???

  22. Rich says:


    Can’t login to CCMAdmin page (other pages OK):

    “Database Communication Error” on Publisher after applying patch

    Any ideas?


  23. jr says:

    hi, i have the nfrs version of cucm 7 but while installing on vmware esx i get error: “unrecoverable internal error” and install stops

    i have configured 40gb hdd and 2gb of ram and installed in a redhat enterprise 3 32 bit.

    what do i need to use as vmware?!

  24. jr says:

    now i have it installed in vmware, but the webserver seems to crash after starting the system. i looked now in the service list after restarted the system and there is NO service active! ehich one has to be started to get the webserver up?

  25. ccieswe says:

    great tutorial…very helpful for an entrant.
    On what operating system you have Installed CUCM 7.0??!!!

  26. Khalid Shaikh says:

    Dear frnz;

    em studing on GWGK (642-453); if any one ve eBook on GWGK plz shear vid me..



  27. Steve says:

    Elac (and others),
    what is your source for the required ISO? NFR/customers disks? I am looking for a study version, but can’t seem to find one using, whit right Smartnets in place..


  28. Gui says:

    i have successfull installed CUCM with no errors but yet the Cisco IP communicator phone does not register with my CM any idea guys….any setting i am missing ?

  29. ys says:

    Has anyone encountered the following in CM7 (VM)?

    When I did a “show network eth0 detail”, my eth0 showed “auto dis, 100Mbps, duplex full”; yet, there was a duplex mismatch error on my switch indicating my CM was half-duplex;

    I kept getting this error no matter what I did:

    CM auto enabled, switch full duplex
    CM full duplex, switch auto
    CM full duplex, switch full duplex

  30. Kevin says:

    I was able to install CUCM fine in 7.0 and register phones. However the annuciator is extremely choppy/jittery. Someone said to change the MTU but that didn’t fix anything. The host machine is 2.13 Core2 Duo with 3 GB RAM. I have 2GB RAM allocated to the VM. Any ideas.

  31. Arunava says:

    Thank you for this excellent tutorial.

    I am having problems hosting additional services through the CUCM v7. I have set up Apache server on another machine, have hosted a few predefined XML objects like CiscoIPPhoneMenu and CiscoIPPhoneText on that server, and have added them as new services thorugh the CUCM. In the ServiceURL field, I have pointed to those services.

    Now when I start Cisco IP Communicator, it registers fine, but when I click on the Services button, it is showing HOST NOT FOUND.

    Can you please help? Is there a tutorial on how to host these services through CUCM v7?

  32. John says:

    I am trying to find cisco media kits so I can make a lab like the tutorial. Can anyone tell me where to buy these? Ebay is out of the them and I am trying to find something. Thanks for your help.

  33. tune says:


    Not sure you are still reading this.

    I had smae error while database script was running during installation process. Time exceed message with hours of wait time and finally installation failed.

    I can do ssh in after reboot. But couldn’t start any serveices.

    Do you have any luck now?


  34. admin says:

    @Mike , Try installing on Vmware Workstation / Server and it should work.Personally,I have not tested on Vmware ESX version.Once you install on Workstation,you can use “Vmware Converter” to transform image to your desired appliance.

    @hi,@tity, Make your your NTP server is reachable from Second Node.You will require NTP for proper operation.

    @v0ha,Read Enterprise Linux 3 or 4 should work just fine.I have a Dual-Core but you can contine installation with a single CPU as well

    @elac,i choose only call manager can choose CM with Unity connection option too and it will install fine too.

    @Rich,Did you reload server after applying patch ?

    @jr,use atleast 80Gigs for disk space.Web Server is enabled by default unless you disable it.You will need to activate CM services in order to accept SCCP/SIP incoming connections.After booting on your image,give it some time and GUI will eventually come up.

    @ccieswe,@gopi CUCM7.0 installs natively in Vmware.You do not need any OS for it.

    @Steve,you can order NFR kit from Cisco with a valid customer contract,ofcourse.CUCM disks are not downloadable via CCO,so,you will need to order them.

    @Gui,Activate CCM services/TFTP server service before trying to register IP phones.This step was shown in tutorial,so,please re-view it.Secondly,enable auto-registration or create manual registrations for devices.

    @ys,auto duplex should work fine.However,if you are still having duplex mismatch,try to hard-code same duplex settings which should resolve error.

    @Kevin,Are you using CIPC to call in on same host machine.In that case,try using a separate IP phone(hard phone) or softphone on different PC.

  35. admin says:

    @Arunava,are you using DNS to resolve host entries for ServicesURL ?


  36. Arun says:

    Awesome work.

  37. MunEZ says:

    Yeah, thanks!

  38. bibo says:

    hey,out of curiosity,do things work well when u chose to install Business Edition with has Unity integrated in it?

  39. EY says:


    I managed to install in VMWare but the call manager service and tftp service is activated and not running, I wonder what is wrong here. Licensing is ok.

  40. Same says:

    I have the same problem with duplex as 29. ys. Try many scenarios, but still reciving duplex mismatch errors about ccm7 interface. Errors are reported on GW, wich is connected via a cloud maped to a physical interface.
    Any resolutions abaout this problem, please ???

  41. Alex says:

    With regards to the half duplex mismatch, I had experienced an issue where no matter what settings I tried (hard coding 100/full, setting auto enabled…etc), the PUB kept showing as half duplex to the 3750 switch. I reinstalled several times with no effective difference. I finally, shutdown the CUCM and
    Deleted the Ethernet card in vmware and reinstalled a different E1000 card and boom! It’s now talking to the switch at 1000/full.

  42. Errol Fisette says:

    This is one of the popular incredible content Ive go through in a very extended time. The quality of related information in here is astonishing, like you virtually written the book on the subject. Your blog is wonderful for everyone who would like to understand this unique content more. Great stuff; please keep writing!

  43. Tejiri says:

    Trying to get configure extension mobility and can’t get it to work on the demo. wonder why………is it a demo limitation.

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