If you are a CLI junkie/lover like me , you should use Qemu Host (Microcore) & follow my previous tutorial. However, If you want to ease-up the setup & configuration using Graphical User Interface (GUI), then it should be no-brainer.

This write-up will explain Qemu Image use in GNS3 . Qemu Host image can be either CLI ( Microcore ) or GUI (Tinycore).Its basically a small linux image which can be used for performing some basic connectivity tasks e.g telnet, ssh, iptables, route, tcpdump and IPv6 support.

This tutorial will walk you through step by step for setting up Qemu Host image in GNS3.

TinyCore Setup Instructions:

1.Set Qemu Host in GNS3 Preferences.

Edit -> Preferences -> Qemu -> Qemu Host

set qemu host tinycore

2.Setup Network Topology

setup network topology

3. Click over Panel Icon & configure your network settings

network settings 1

TinyCore GUI

network settings qemu gui

TinyCore Network Option

network settings qemu tinycore

TinyCore Network Settings

That’s it !

Now, if need be, you can explore several other options . Those should be self-explanatory.



Software Version Used:

  • GNS3 Version : v 0.7.3
  • Microcore Version : 2.11.5
  • Tinycore Version : 2.11.5
  • IOS Image : c3745-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T13.bin

->For help using IPtables , refer to this guide

->Download Qemu Microcore / Tinycore Linux binary images from the following link: http://www.gns3.net/download

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5 Responses to “GNS3: Add GUI Qemu Host (tinycore)”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Hey men… i have a question… i use ubuntu, but i don’t have qemu installed, but when i see my repos, i find something like “qemu-kvm” and in the official site of qemu, it’s named just “qemu”… do i need to download it from the site or can i use the repo version???

    Nice article… Thanks in advance…

  2. yawar says:

    is this possible to use tinycore in windows machine

  3. Tariq Ahmad says:

    yawar @ Ofcourse :) Host OS could be linux/mac/debian/windows whatever you like as long as you have GNS3 installed

  4. glasshopper says:

    I am using windows 7 and gns3 ver. 0.7.4 TinyCore 3.4 and I do not get the preety little GUI that your “How-To” shows. If I right click on the TinyCore host I get a standard menu with Configure. Are you running this in windows or Linux? Am I missing something in the setup? Also when I try to open a console to the Qemu host whether it is a Microcore or a Tinycore I see a PuTTY console for just a second and then it disapears.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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