In this article, i will show you how you can emulate Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) in Ubuntu Linux 9.10 ( Karmic Koala ).Also be aware that ASA does not 100% work in Qemu (enabling interfaces / communicating with real networks) but that’s enough to play with it.I used “asa802-k8.bin” for this tutorial.You can create Shell  Script ( yourself  or scroll through the tutorial to see download link provided at the end of this tutorial.Refer to GNS3 site for updated version of Shell Script

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 I have divided this video tutorial into 3 parts for easy understanding of many blog readers. Most people have already installed GNS3 so they can skip Video Tutorial 1. For others, all three parts are relevant[Qemu Patching is no longer required with latest version of GNS3 i.e GNS3 v0.7.3]. Here is the detail:

Video 1: How to Install GNS3v0.7 RC1 in Ubuntu 9.10 Linux

Click here to Play Video Tutorial 1

Video 2: How to Compile & Patch Qemu , Extract initrd and Linux Kernel from your ASA binary

Click here to Play Video Tutorial 2:

Video 3: How to configure GNS3 Preferences for Qemu & ASA

Click here to play Video Tutorial 3:

Download All 3 Video Tutorial including Script ,Gns3 – ASA steps etc:

Click here to download ALL parts


Softwares & Versions Used in this tutorial :

  • Ubuntu 9.10 – 32 bit Edition
  • GNS3 v0.7 RC1 tgz (Download it here)
  • Dynamips 0.2.8-RC2 binary for Linux x86 platforms (Download it here)
  • Qemu-0.11.0 tar.gz (Download Link)
  • Qemu-0.11.0 Patch (Download Link)
  • ASA Binary Version 8.0(2) –  (asa802-k8.bin)
  • For detailed explanation about emulating ASA  tutorial , check this link.
  • Download Shell Script ( – Right Click to Save !

Note : This is for educational purposes only.Please note that ASA binary is not provided and will not be , so please don’t ask.

Also note that this is a Release Candidate (RC1) version of GNS3.If you run into a bug, you can post bugs report at GNS3 forum( under Development -> Bug reports).  During my testing, i have not been able to communicate b/w two ASA’s or ASA and a router (in GNS3). Probably,as this release matures, this gotcha will be fixed.If you have been able to fix this, let me know and i will include it in next tutorial.

Enjoy !!!

If you find this tutorial useful,please don’t hesitate to say Thanks.

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