This tutorial will help you lock down your Cisco gear’s configuration access.This feature comes in very handy for making day-to-day configuration changes.The “Configuration Lock” feature also known as “Exclusive Configuration Change Access ” allows you to have exclusive change access to the Cisco IOS running configuration, preventing multiple users from making concurrent configuration changes to Cisco devices.

In addition, this tutorial will also demonstrate use of “Access Session Locking feature” which takes you a step further in restricting access to device while a configuration change is being made.Together, these features help your configurations to be less error-prone.

The “Access Session Locking feature” extends the “Configuration Lock feature” such that show and debug commands entered by the user holding the configuration lock always have execution priority; show and debug commands entered by other users are only allowed to run after the processes initiated by the configuration lock owner have finished.

The Configuration Lock feature can be set to work in either of following two modes:

  • Auto Mode :This mode locks the  Cisco IOS configuration mode whenever anyone uses the configure terminal command to make changes.
  • Manual Mode :This mode sets to lock the Cisco IOS configuration mode only when the configure terminal lock command is issued.


Enjoy !

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