In one of the previous tutorials , i had demostrated ‘Direct Mode’ approach for registering third party SIP phone to Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express (CUCME) . This tutorial will demonstrate ‘true SIP mode’ Or ‘Register Mode’ in which SIP device will actually register to VOIP router/SIP proxy server in order to make and receive calls.

Unlike ephone-dn/ephone which we use for Directory Number/SCCP phone configuration , we will use voice register dn/voice register pool to achieve same purpose for SIP telephony.

I have divided this tutorial into 5 easy steps to configure. I will demonstrate X-lite SIP phone as an example although this tutorial will work perfectly fine with any other standard based SIP device . I have personally tested it with other vendor SIP phones ( 3CX voip client, SJphone …just to name a few) and it works like a charm !

Cisco Unified Presence Server

If you want to download supported SIP phones, here are the links:



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