In previous tutorial GNS3:How to Setup CME SIP trunk to VOIP SIP Service Provider – Part 1, my focus was to register CUCME as a SIP User Agent Client(UAC) to a Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP). In this tutorial, I will show you the steps needed to setup CUCME for routing VOIP calls outbound as well as inbound call setup. This tutorial will also cover some of common mistakes and steps that cause VOIP calls to fail over the SIP trunk primarily the “Unknown Number” error message.

Remember, you will need a SIP VOIP Internet Phone Service Account in order to setup this tutorial .If you haven’t signed up for an account yet , get yourself a Free SIP ITSP Signup account here before moving forward.

Here are few things that i will cover in this part :

  • Setting up Inbound and Outbound dial-peers for incoming and outbound calls
  • Configuring Voice Translation Profiles for modifying the ANI(caller-id) and DNIS(Called Number)
  • Configuring CUCME setup to route all inbound calls to an Operator Extension
  • Testing and Verification using ‘Click2Dial‘ method (Simulating an Outbound Call)
  • Addressing a “MOST often-made” configuration mistake and its remedy.

You can download Complete Tutorial Series here including  this Advanced Setup Tutorial.

Complete Tutorial Series contains :

Complete Tutorial Series Download Link


NOTE : If you are also interested in Cisco Unified CME Integration to SkypeConnect (Skype for SIP) Service , check this tutorial post instead (which includes this CUCME VOIP SIP Trunk tutorial series as well )


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19 Responses to “GNS3:How to Setup CME SIP trunk to VOIP SIP Service Provider -Advanced Config -Part1b”

  1. Pete says:

    I feel very comfortable after going through your tutorial.Excellent work !

  2. maurcio says:

    There is no PLay Tutorial button.

  3. Tariq Ahmad says:

    Dear Maurcio,this tutorial is available for Offline viewing only.

  4. mahmoud says:

    Dear Tariq , Is this tutorial downloadable only ?

  5. Harry says:

    I appreciate your approach.Thanks!

  6. Tariq Ahmad says:


    @Pete,Harry..Thanks for your comments!


  7. anil says:

    Dear Tariq,Please also guide to setup UCME integration with Microsft OCS 2007.I have this coming up as a project so,any input will be greatly appreciated.

  8. Sara says:

    Great Tutorial Work ! Keep up the good work! Thanks

  9. gopi says:


  10. Pete says:

    Thanks for wonderful tut! What tools do you use for making these tutorials?

  11. Harry says:


  12. Josh says:

    Very intuitive and fascinating.Great job!

  13. mena says:

    i like all ur vide

  14. enthus3 says:

    good tutorial, What version of router code was used for this tutorial?

  15. Tariq Ahmad says:

    Thanks enthus3 and others.Here is the info you are looking for :

    IOS Version : 12.4(15)T , Platform :3725/3745

  16. david says:


    will i be able to dial direct from my cisco ip communicator via an external sip trunk ie callcentric.


  17. Hazem says:


  18. ahmet says:


  19. sikelos says:

    how can I get these tutorials offline? It would be much appreciated.


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