If you have gone through all previous parts of this tutorial, you have  learned to configure CUCME for SIP trunk support to a VOIP SIP Internet Service Provider (ITSP) ,configuring  Inbound and outbound dial peers for call routing as well as configuring and supporting IP phones(e.g.CIPC).This is the last part of tutorial in which you will configure a SIP endpoint for same purpose.I will use X-lite for this tutorial although,you can configure any SIP Softphone in the same way.

Remember, you will need a SIP VOIP Internet Phone Service Account in order to setup this tutorial .

Cisco Unified Presence Server

If you haven’t signed up for an account yet , get yourself a Free SIP ITSP Signup account here before moving forward.

Play Tutorial

You can download Complete Tutorial Series here including  this tutorial.

Complete Tutorial Series contains :

Complete Tutorial Series Download Link


NOTE : If you are also interested in Cisco Unified CME Integration to SkypeConnect (Skype for SIP) Service , check this tutorial post instead (which includes this CUCME VOIP SIP Trunk tutorial series as well )



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