Recently, i came across a post at CiscoBlog for scheduling periodic config backups in IOS to an external location on your network.This is usefulĀ  if you want your router to trigger an update everytime ‘write mem’ is executed.However, in some cases, this might not be desirable considering the amount of log files and number of devices on your network.

I usually prefer taking back-ups at mid-night on daily basis.In order to achieve this task, i would use ‘archive command’ in conjunction with ‘kron scheduler’. If you want to learn more about archive command, this post at techrepublic might be helpful for you.

As far as Kron scheduler is concerned, only 2 steps are required to set it up !

  • Create the policy list for the scheduler:The policy-list dictates what commands the router should run at the scheduled time.
  • Define the Kron occurence time for the scheduler:Here, you will set the scheduled time or occurence time for your defined policy-list



Enjoy !

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