It goes without saying that GNS3 has eased things alot. In this tutorial, i will show step-by-step how you can setup your Call Manager Express (CME) router’s Graphical Interface (GUI) using GNS3 and use it for router’s configuration.CME GUI will give you similar look and feel like SDM.Both are web based management tools with different functionalities.

CME GUI extends well into Cisco Unity Express(CUE) management if you have physical router with CUE-module in it. Unfortunately, CUE cannot be simulated here .Once you setup basic parameters using CLI, web interface will help you in long run.

Cisco Unified Presence Server


  • –>ip http server
  • –>ip http path flash:
  • –>telephony-service
  • –>web admin system name admin password cisco
  • –>dn-webedit
  • –>time-webedit





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16 Responses to “How to configure Cisco Unified Call Manager Express GUI using GNS3”

  1. Peter says:

    You made my day buddy! Thanks a zillion!

  2. tony says:

    Where can we download the cme-qui- file from?

  3. admin says:

    You need to have CCO access. Here is the link for downloading CME related stuff:


  4. Kumar says:

    Hi.Nice tutorial ! Can you help me setup CUCME with Cisco Unity ?

  5. Syed says:

    Thank you. It was very helpfull..

  6. admin says:

    @Kumar, Keep tuned in as i will post a tutorial for Cisco Unity setup in near future.

    @Syed, You are welcome !

  7. Kyle says:

    Great Post keep it up i like your posts and videos.

  8. oscar says:

    there isn’t a tutorial with Basic-ACD?

  9. MAX says:

    Nice one mate . keep up the good work. that was good.

  10. Brian says:

    I can get up and running with your instructions, however my flash is erased every time I stop the router. My startup-config is saved, but flash doesn’t. Any ideas?

  11. Eyad says:

    when tried this command in router 3725 “archive tar /xtract tftp://”
    I got an error command not found how I can make sure this command would work the problem is the router IOS doesn’t understand this command ???!!

  12. gilbert says:


    May i know what is the error as below:

    %Error writing flash:/admin_user.html (Device in exclusive use)

    thks alot


  13. Albert says:

    Why do you ping ?
    How do you create it?
    Nice tutorial!
    Thx a lot

  14. dev says:


    I want CME in GUI mode ,Can some guide me where i will .tar file which include html feature and also Unity express?

    Please please…

  15. Scott says:

    It appears that with windows 7 I can run through your tutorial and from another machine I am able to ping the router ip and the router can ping and tftp it. However, the host that is running the GN3 software can not talk to the router. Other then that I have been able to work on my labs for converting a system to use SIP so thank you very much for taking the time to put this together.

  16. Rob says:


    I can’t get this full working. I’ve installed the tar on the router and can open CME GUI in a browser. However, when I make changes in the GUI, it is not updating the router?

    Any ideas what could be wrong?



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