This tutorial will walk you through the process of settting up a distributed GNS3 topology where you can use different external hypervisor engines and run GNS3 topology in much easier and smoother fashion.This helps you utilize resources at hand in an efficient manner by distributing processor load across multiple hardware platforms. Most people use WindowsXP / Windows Vista on their laptop machines. However, for GNS3 and dynagen to perform at their peak, i would recommmend you to use a flavour of Linux which speeds up things to greater extent.

I will be using Ubtuntu 8.04 (Hardy Haron) as Linux Power Horse .I have a 64-bit Intel Machine with Quad Core 2+ Ghz processor coupled with 8Gigs of physical RAM at my disposal. This helps me run full CCIE topology on One machine (using 10+routers ) , multiple vmware instances while conserving resources at my relatively low-end Windows laptop . If you have multiple pc’s , you can add all of them into one GNS3 topology using distributed approach as shown in this tutorial. This will ease-up burden on single pc and make your labs run faster and better.

Cisco Unified Presence Server

For additional help and information , refer to following links/tutorials:

  • Communicating b/w local and remote hypervisors by msimone
  • GNS3 tutorial at by Mike Fuszner


Enjoy !!!

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