In a previous tutorial, i demonstrated how we can register Third party SIP Softphone with Cisco Unified Communication Manager 5.x/6.x . In this tutorial, i will use another Softphone ‘ SJphone ‘.For multiple line capability(upto 6 lines/phone), use ExpressTalk .Basically, there can be two ways in which SIP phones can be used with a VOIP router.

1) Direct Mode

Here, we will use VOIP dial-peers to point to actual SIP phone.The Phone will not register to CME Router itself.This is similar to FXS port configuration on routers.This tutorial covers Direct Mode.

2) Register Mode

In second mode, SIP device will actually register to VOIP router/SIP proxy server in order to make and receive calls.Here, we will configure Username/Password configuration in sip-ua configuration in order for SIP phones to register .I will cover this in a follow-up tutorial.

Download Express Talk

Download SJphone


Enjoy !

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