In a previous tutorial, i demonstrated how we can register Third party SIP Softphone with Cisco Unified Communication Manager 5.x/6.x . In this tutorial, i will use another Softphone ‘ SJphone ‘.For multiple line capability(upto 6 lines/phone), use ExpressTalk .Basically, there can be two ways in which SIP phones can be used with a VOIP router.

1) Direct Mode

Here, we will use VOIP dial-peers to point to actual SIP phone.The Phone will not register to CME Router itself.This is similar to FXS port configuration on routers.This tutorial covers Direct Mode.

2) Register Mode

In second mode, SIP device will actually register to VOIP router/SIP proxy server in order to make and receive calls.Here, we will configure Username/Password configuration in sip-ua configuration in order for SIP phones to register .I will cover this in a follow-up tutorial.

Download Express Talk

Download SJphone


Enjoy !

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15 Responses to “GNS3:How to Use a Third party SIP phone with Cisco Router”

  1. Efren says:

    I cannot make any exercise in your tutorials, some commands doesnt exist! what ios o cme version do you have! :_(

  2. mprofitt says:


    Exactly what I was looking for!

    Thank You!

  3. admin says:

    @Efren,if you use IOS Software Version 12.4(9),you should be good to go.For digging deep into features and commands supported, i would highly recommend you to use Cisco’s IOS Feature Navigator online tool for help.

  4. Alistair says:

    Hey, I am having the same issue as efren, im running a 2621xm, with advanced ip services 12.4 17, and no luck :( , its definatly running call manager, as everything else works fine.

    For eg, voice register global wont work.

  5. Jagdeep says:

    I can telnet from Loopback adaptor into my GNS router and can ping to my Loopback adaptor from GNS router. Connectivity is absolutely fine.
    I am using a SIP SJPhone Build 1.65.377a
    When I try to simulate a VoIP call from GNS Router, I get these errors.

    TelnetLab#csim start 2222
    csim: called number = 2222, loop count = 1 ping count = 0

    csim err csimDisconnected recvd DISC cid(2)
    csim: loop = 1, failed = 1
    csim: call attempted = 1, setup failed = 1, tone failed = 0


    TelnetLab#csim start
    csim: called number =, loop count = 1 ping count = 0

    csim err:csim_do_test Error peer not found

    TelnetLab#csim start 2222
    csim: called number = 2222, loop count = 1 ping count = 0

    csim err csimTimeOut t.o while disconnecting cid(2)
    csim: loop = 1, failed = 1
    csim: call attempted = 1, setup failed = 1, tone failed = 0


  6. smotacpg says:

    Hi, thank u for your tutorial. It was very helpful. I am able to successfully use X-Lite to register with CME. However, I am unable to make a call from a 7960 series Cisco Phone to the X-Lite client and vice-versa. Do you know what is missing?

    My configuration is something like that:
    ephone-dn 1 dual-line
    number 1001

    ephone 1
    button 1:1

    voice register dn 1
    number 2001

    voice register pool 1
    number 1 dn 1

    Thank you.

  7. krishnan says:

    good day sir thank you for you video

  8. Ken says:

    These video tutorials are so awesome!

  9. Efren says:

    I get the c7200-advipservicesk9-mz.124-9.t.bin ios image but it still doesn´t work.. what is ur ios version? Thanx

  10. Efren says:

    I got one ios valid, thanx a lot!

  11. Ricardo says:

    U r the best man ! ..

  12. YannStacy says:

    i have done everything mentioned in that video but i still can’t get the phone to “Can Make Call” state. It tells me, Host address,No active network interface. Please Help


  13. AB says:

    Same thing as YannStacy: “no active network interface” for SJPhone under Windows 7 with a third party firewall.

    The only working thing is to disable all network cards and let just one active.

    But that is not acceptable.

    Who would have an answer for SJPhone under Windows Seven and a third party firewall ?


  14. ab says:

    So, after more than a year without an answer, I am responding to myself:
    I use MicroSip instead of SJPhone under Windows 7.
    May I help some others users with this advice.

  15. JKikon says:

    I am also facing the same problem as AB and YannStacy.

    SJPhone was running smoothly on Windows Xp but as I upgraded to Windows 7 it started showing the “no network interface error.

    There are other Soft-phones out there but SJ is a good one. Please let me know hoe to make it work on Win7.

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