In one of previous tutorials titled ‘How to configure Cisco Unified Call Manager Express (CUCME) router for XML Services’, i had mentioned ‘Gif2Cip’ application which is very useful if you have any image file e.g your company logo /your own picture and you want to convert it into xml format for use on your desktop Cisco IP phone.

I have been asked many times via email if this application is available for download. ‘Gif2Cip’ and many similar useful applications are actually part of Cisco IP Services Software Development Kit (SDK).This product comes very handy if you want to create versatile XML applications. You can download Cisco IP Services SDK from Cisco Developer Support at

If you want to see documentation and development tools that are included in Cisco IP Services SDK, hop on over to SDK documentation here. There is plethora of very useful applications included in SDK.

The actual process of creating an XML file is very straightfoward.Once you have installed Cisco IP Services SDK, launch command prompt in windows (cmd.exe) , navigate to  CiscoIpServices\tools directory and use following command: gif2cip sourcefilename.gif destinationfilename.xml . That’s it ! See screenshot below for quick look:

Create your own XML file

As always, Cisco has a very comprehensive guide on ‘creating Idle URL using graphics‘ on Cisco IP phone.This guide works equally well for any Cisco IP phone that support XML graphics i.e Cisco 7940 Series,Cisco 7960 Series,Cisco 7970 Series IP phones ,Cisco IP Communicator , etc. Once you have created your own XML file and want to test it using CUCME , watch this tutorial for setting it up properly.


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7 Responses to “How to use Cisco IP Phone Services Software Development Kit (SDK) applications to create versatile XML files”

  1. Asim khan says:

    Nice info.thanks

  2. Amir says:

    For hours i have been visiting this site looking at tutorials, but unable to find a tutorial link of this video…

    Please help me find the play link to this useful video..


  3. admin says:

    Amir, this is a text-based tutorial!

  4. bibo says:

    I can’t seem to be getting to the link for downloading sdk package from Cisco..Is it just me?

  5. admin says:

    @bibo,did you follow the link i provided in blog post ?

  6. Evgeniy says:

    If it is interesting, the part cisco phony services can be downloaded free of charge!!!

  7. Mark says:

    I am having trouble getting th IP Communicator to register with VMWare running on windowa 7. I have been stuck in this spot for two days and would like to see if anyone tell me how I can download any of the tutorials.The link is not working for me.Thank you in advance.

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