New Features added to GNS3

If you haven’t already downloaded latest version of GNS3 i.e GNS3 7.0.2 , grab it now. New release includes mouthful of features & bug fixes .Most interesting feature is the addition of  Qemu Image of Microcore Linux 2.10 which will help you simulate PCs/Workstations/Computers right within GNS3 interface. Support for SSH, iptables, iproute , tcpdump , IPv6 has been included to test connectivity & routing features. Also, we are awaiting Release of next version of dynamips (Dynamips version > 0.2.8 RC2) , which will incorporate some more features into the current GNS3 build.

Here is the new features list as updated by GNS3 Team.

  • Lot of small fixes (relative paths, link removal, .net loading, Ethernet switch connection to a Cloud etc.)
  • Qemuwrapper: random MAC address for devices
  • NPE-G2 option for c7200 routers (need a specific and uncompressed IOS image and C7200-IO-2FE, C7200-IO-GE-E, PA-2FE-TX and PA-GE are unlikely to work)
  • Simulated switches: daisy chaining support
  • Improved directory selection for new projects
  • New translations: Bulgarian, Italian and Ukrainian
  • Frame Relay capture option for all serial links
  • Dialog to display an Ethernet switch MAC address table

The following features will work only with a Dynamips version > 0.2.8 RC2 which has not been released yet:

  • OIR (Online Insertion and Removal) for c3660 and c3745 (only NM-4T).
  • JIT sharing support (saves memory).
  • C7200-JC-PA Jacket Card support. Allow the use of a slot 7 for c7200 routers with NPE-G2.
  • QinQ support for simulated Ethernet switches.
  • Interfaces statistics (Packets in, Packets out, Bytes in, Bytes out). Displayed in node tooltips.

Download Links :

Download GNS3 v0.7.2

Qemu image of Microcore Linux 2.10

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