Cisco Unified Presence is a standards-based enterprise platform that brings people together in and across organizations in the most effective way. This open and extensible platform facilitates the highly secure exchange of availability and instant messaging (IM) information between Cisco Unified Communications and other applications.

I will help you learn Application Dial Rules and how to configure and troubleshoot CUCM/CUPS/CUPC for ADRs. Application dial rules help an administrator add and sort the priority of dialing rules. Dial rules for applications such as Cisco WebDialer and Cisco IPMA automatically strip numbers from or add numbers to telephone numbers that the user dials. For example, the dial rules automatically add the digit 9 in front of a 7-digit telephone number to provide access to an outside line.

This tutorial is part of  CUPS Deployment Video Guide here. (limited time offer)

Here is the tutorial :

ADR Tutorial

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