Extension Mobility was introduced to CUCME beginning with release 4.2 .With Later Releases e.g 4.3 and beyond, some enhanced features were added e.g the ability to use the phone user interface to configure personal speed dials directly on an EM phone . Some of feature enhancements include :

  • Configurable Automatic Logout
  • Automatic Clear Call History
  • Privacy on an Extension Mobility Phone

Here is a quick snippet of the common configuration steps that you would need to get it up and running !

Cisco Unified Presence Server

Here are the 4 easy steps:

1.Configuring EM Service :

ip http server
url authentication secretname emapp
authentication credential secretname emapp
em keep-history
em logout 20:00 23:00

2.Setting up Logout Profile:

voice logout-profile 10
user 2001 password cisco
number 2001
speed-dial 1 2002
pin 1234

3.Enabling Ephone for EM:

ephone 2
mac-address 000D.EDAB.3566
type 7960
logout-profile 10

4. Setting up User Profile:

voice user-profile 10
pin 12345
user EM2005 pass cisco
number 2005
speed-dial 1 2004
max-idle-time 5

For additional help, refer to CUCME Admin guide here

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